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Heavens Oasis

Little Blessings Candle

Little Blessings Candle

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Little Blessings Candle with Surprise Christian Keychain

  • 100% Natural Soy
  • Hand Poured and Made in the USA
  • Double Organic Cotton Wicks
  • Inspirational Christian Candle
  • 15 oz Glass Jar

    No matter where you go God is with You.

    Remind yourself everyday of All of God’s Blessings with our new Heaven’s Oasis Little Blessings Candle. As you enjoy the sweet vanilla based fruity scents of our natural soy candle you will slowly uncover a surprise Little Blessing spiritual message.

    Every Blessings candle will have 1 of 5 different Christian message keychains inside.

    Discover your Little Blessing Today!

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Poached Peaches, Apricot, Pear Slices 
    Middle: Whipped Vanilla, Candied Praline
    Base: Crunchy Sugar Cone
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